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Individual cells consist of positive plates, negative plates, separators and terminals. And these components are assembled in a container called a battery case, which consists of a cover with safety valves and top cover made from ABS resin.

The positive and negative plates are
made of lead oxide pasted on a grid of Pb-Ca alloy that can be recharged

Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM) with high
durability and thermostability is used

for separators, which absorbs electrolyte and retains excellent conductivity.
3.Safety valve
The safety valve is made of special oiled rubber. It opens when there is excessive gas
caused by internal pressure from overcharging and it is designed to return the gas
inside the battery.

4.Container and cover
These are made from ABS, a synthetic resin, which has a superior acid resistance and
durability. The container and cover are designed to be completely sealed to prevent
any leakage of electrolyte and gas.

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