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                                 Dear Sir(s),


                                 BY,in South Korea, which is realizing our dreams in the fields of the

                                 below mentioned main business and trading business, would like to

                                 contribute to your profitable business in the future.


                                 The Visions of BY


                                  -. Human Technopia

                                  -. High Technology

                                  -. High Value


                                 The Biz of BY


                                   Business of BY USA


                                      * Plant engineering

                                        -.Power plant

                                        -.Heavy machinery plant

                                        -.Chemical plant


                                      Energy development

                                        -.Crude oil : Russian REBCO, Nigerian Bonny light 


                                        -.Mazut M100

                                        -.Jet Fuel


                                        -.Bitumen / Petroleum Asphalt





                                      * Commodity & Natural Resource

                                        -.Agriculture: Rice, sugar(ICUMSA 45, Raw sugar), edible oil, Urea, Di-Ammonium Phospate, wheat, etc. - all kinds of agro commodities. 


                                        -.Steel (Non steel) scrap

                                        -.Coal: Steam coal, Coking coal, etc.


                                      * Military equipments and weapons


                                      * Real estate development and Construction


                                      * M&A


                                   Business of BYC&C International Corp. 

                                      * Electronics

                                         -.General electronics

                                         -.Home appliances

                                         -.Security system

                                      * Chemical




                                         -.Chemical raw materials 

                                      * Environment equipment


                                BY partners in Japan, China, United States and Viet Nam


                                   -. Kose

                                   -. Hui Feng Shipping Repair

                                   -. Golf, Spa & Hotel Resorts

                                   _. BY Viet Nam


                                BY will be a good friend for your business over the world

                                and this website is for just BYC&C International Corp..


                                Yours sincerely,


                                Thomas Choi





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