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1.Cosmetic (Welcome to any discussions included OEM) 

Development Process

All kinds of products manufactured in BY
according to CGMP are only customized.
Only Custom-made is an engagement between 
BY and customers to pursuit mutual advantages
through collaboration with each other.
Development, together with its customers,
tends to be initiated on receiving its request for
brand-new items based on product planning made by clients.
It triggers sample work to suit their respective demands and
including safety and mechanical "resistance"

    Constant sample tests about stability finally leads to confirm quality product.

Production facility
    The production facilities and lines are assembled
    and organized to manufacture broad range of products
    satisfying client's need.For this purpose,

 all the facilities and Processes are
 effectively designed to be flexible to
 timely produce and supply any type
 of the products ordered by clients.
 Computer processed and controlled equipment
 including different types of manufacturing vessels
 for hot and cold mixing,
 ranging in size 50 to 2,000 liters.




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