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We live in a city festered with public nuisances.

Clean air is the one of important environment factors for life in these days and over the world. All of the closed rooms and places can use it for a fresh air.

  -. In general, we live in the polluted air and it is a big problem for health over the world. Otherwise, 

      we also can think of thing such like the SARS virus.

  -. Function

     . Negative ion air release

     . Cigarette smoke exclusion

     . Protect mustiness

     . Air clean

  -. It is used by setting up by putting in a socket valve instead of light bulb or with it.

  -. Use

     In the home, restaurant, hotel, all of offices, market, public B/D, etc.

  -. The picture of testing

     It is testing picture of Ionizer and the time unit is 5sec. through by cigarette smoke in a closed round box. The light is a option but it is not a product.

  -. The picture : A type

     It will be installed in a ceiling light instead of light or with light.

     The picture: B type

     It will be installed in a wall side light with such like a aromatic


2.Gas Safe


We use LPG,LNG gas in a kitchen of home. This is useful but also very dangerous.

It means that although there is a locking valve, we need a Gas Safe as a second safe


And also we think of a very dangerous thing but we sometime forget it for its shut off

valve in general. So, we can see a loss of life and property.


  -. Function

    . Auto shut-off

    . Ultrasonic sensor watch the kitchen closely if there is a person or not in the kitchen. If there is a person, it keep to supply gas to make a cook

      but if there is not a person, it will be shut- off the valve automatically.


  -. Use

    . In the home kitchen.


3.Handy song



This product is a newly developed compact wireless handy karaoke machine and it has more refined design and added function than the existing products..

Its efficiency was fortified with more songs stored in a small equipment using SD card, and it has record/replay function and you can choose any image as a background besides MP3 function, this will bring the innovation in singing culture.


   -.Song List

      English, Chinese


   -. Accessories

      Cable, Handy monitor, SD card, Cigar jack.


   -. Use

     . Home, Car(Bus, Train), Mountain and Sea...


  4.Moving Cooler


Moving Cooler-conditioner is for use in a place where positioning air conditioner is not easy or where whole area cooling is impractical.
It's different from the general type of Air-conditioner which has Indoor unit and Outdoor unit separately. Moving Cooler-conditioner is one unit including Indoor & Outdoor unit together. So, you can enjoy the cool air by simply moving it to the place where you can connect to AC220V electric power.


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